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Why Use ‘Thinking of Marketing’…

Targeted Marketing Solutions

Targeted Marketing Solutions.

At Thinking of Marketing – We Don't Guess. We deliver solutions targeted to the customers you're seeking... [read more]

Market Research

In depth Market Analysis.

To supply you with the best advise possible, we analyse the market you're in. Including your competition... [read more]

Return on Investment

Return On Investment.

As with any investment you make, you want to see a return on your investment. That's what we deliver... [read more]

responsive website designs

Responsive Website Designs.

All website designs are responsive to all devices such as PC's, Laptops, Tablets and Smart Phones.
[read more]

ecommerce websites

ECommerce Websites.

Allow your customers to buy from you online, by Pay Pal, credit card or straight into your account.
[read more]

graphic design

Graphic Design.

Our graphic designers can create all the graphics you'll need for your website, logo and banner ads.
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Blogs; essential for updating customers, can be linked to e-newsletters & search engines love them.
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web hosting

Web Hosting.

Your website is hosted securely with no restriction on the number of email addresses or bandwidth.
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content management systems

Content Management.

Take control of your website with CMS, you can make changes with no programming knowledge required.
[read more]

email newsletters

Email Newsletters.

Stay in contact with your customers through newsletters delivered straight to your clients Inbox.
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Search Engine Optimisation.

Having a great looking website is a start, but not if no-one sees it! Our SEO ensures you will.
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search engine marketing


Search engine marketing gets your business viral with all the top social networking sites.
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Our experienced copywriters can write engaging content for your website, blog and newsletters.
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pay per click campaign

Pay Per Click.

Pay per click campaigns can generate traffic to your website while you are building your organic seo.
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website advertising placement

Banner Ad Placement.

Advertising on high volume traffic websites with eye catching banner ads for greater brand exposure.
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Read Why The 4P's Are Critical To Your Marketing Success!

The 4P's are the strategic steps Thinking of Marketing analyses for your business marketing success.
Find out What they are & Why they are important!

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Email Newsletter Marketing

Find out why email newsletter marketing campaigns work and should be part of your online business marketing strategy!
Subscribe to our newsletter for FREE tips and advice!

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Email Newsletter Marketing

Download Our FREE E-Book!

All the questions you have about marketing effectively –
Online, in Print & through Digital Media are answered...
If you're in business – You'll want to read this today.

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Create A Strong Brand

Creating a STRONG ‘Brand Name’ is important to having your business remembered! Thinking of Marketing can create and make your brand an icon in the market place!

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Print Design Services

Digital Marketing Solutions

From Televisions Commercial production to Radio advertising, Thinking of Marketing can create and negotiate the best digital marketing solutions to fit within your budget.

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Digital Marketing Solutions

Why Have a Blog?

Find out why Blogs are an essential tool to your online marketing strategy. Blogs increase traffic to your website, creating more customers and sales! After All – Isn't That What It's All About?

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Read why blogs are good for business

The Thinking of Marketing Process

In-Depth Analysis & Reporting

Our cost-effective ‘Account Management’ leaves nothing to chance.
We analyse results to deliver the best ROI to your business!

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Account Management

Banner Advertising.

Banner advertising is a cost effective way to increase your brands exposure. Advertising on quality, related 3rd party web sites will drive traffic to your website, while boosting your SEO efforts too!

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Banner Ad Placement