4P’s Of Marketing

4p of Marketing

Why The 4P’s Are Critical To Your Business Success.

The 4 P’s form an essential marketing strategy for any business. The 4 P’s marketing strategy can be applied to any business; small or large. Like all marketing strategies, at the core of the 4 P’s is targeting your specific market.

  1. Product

    4 P’s marketing strategy works by considering your ‘Product’. To ensure that your product or service is getting the best impact possible from your marketing strategy, Thinking of Marketing consider the Functionality, Brand, Packaging and Servicing in detail.

  2. Price

    The ‘Price’ component of the 4 P’s marketing strategy considers the value of your product or service to your competitors’ price. Payment terms and sales discounts are also factored in; as is the final price to ROI (Return on Investment).

  3. Promotion

    The ‘Promotion’ side of the 4 P’s marketing strategy really starts binding it all together to the core of the 4 P’s which is targeting your specific market. Promotion within the 4 P’s marketing strategy will determine the ‘message to market match’ and ‘call-to-actions’ required to attract your target market.

  4. Place

    Placement within the marketing strategy completes the analysis. ‘Place’ is selected based on where the specific target market is found. Thinking of Marketing knows what mediums and media mix will best reach the target market you are after; ensuring you achieve the best return on your investment.

Thinking of Marketing takes a more in-depth approach to the 4 P’s marketing strategy and customises the media marketing mix; so you achieve your goals.

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