Email Newsletter Marketing

Email Newsletter Marketing

Email Newsletter Marketing.

Email newsletter marketing is the most cost effective way to stay in touch with your current customers, as well as communicating with prospective customers.
Every business serious about increasing sales and profit is sending email newsletters as a major part of their marketing strategy.
Studies show that email marketing leads the way with ‘return on investment’ (ROI) the highest for every dollar spent; even with third party costs involved in sending out the newsletters.

The ‘Direct Marketing Association’, reports that:

Commercial email marketing delivers an astonishing ROI when compared to other media with $57.25 return for every dollar spent on it, compared to $7.08 for every dollar spent on print catalogues, and $22.52 for every dollar spent on non-email marketing.

Now imagine that you did not have to rely on another company to send out your email newsletters for you, manage them, supply you with reports and pay them. Imagine having the ability to manage your email newsletter marketing campaign your self, and be given the rules on how to increase email click through.

Thinking of Marketing solves your email marketing campaign problems with tailored, customised email newsletter solutions catering to any size business and for any budget.
You can have:

  • Newsletter sign up box strategically placed on your website.
  • Professionally designed email newsletters going out automatically or manually.
  • Delivered to the persons ‘Inbox’; not ending up in a ‘junk mail’ folder.
  • For any period or time frame, for example; monthly quarterly, yearly, season or new product launch, discount offer.
  • That meet any given criteria you collect.
  • Allow visitors to your website to subscribe to your email newsletters.
  • Reports on who looked at them, and who responded to the ‘call to action’ links.

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To find out how a newsletter marketing campaign can help your business grow. Once you have sent your first newsletter out by email, you’ll wonder why you didn’t do it earlier!

Probably the best benefit of email newsletter marketing though is the ability to increase loyalty because you can encourage repeat business through information only available through your newsletter campaign. Existing customers can be the first to know about upcoming specials or new product releases. You can target specific segments of your customer base with a newsletter or have it email out to everyone.

See the example of a newsletter sign up box you could have on your website below.

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Once subscribed to our newsletter, you’ll be able to see examples of designs and layouts possible for your campaign. Each month we use a different template to showcase the possibilities.